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01.03.2019Disposable food packaging as a trade tool

Disposable food packaging as a trade tool

Disposable foodservice packaging as a marketing tool

The packaging of any food product performs two basic functions that marketers should not forget.

Good packaging is the key to success

First, food packaging is an important engine of commerce, because all consumers see it when they buy goods. In this regard, foodservice packaging is even more important than brand advertising and various promotions, because not every consumer becomes their witness. At the same time, each buyer of the company's products is in direct contact with its packaging.

Secondly, disposable food packaging is the only trading engine that can be fully controlled by the manufacturer. For any product, the possibility of hitting a disadvantageous location is not excluded. The use of demonstration cases also does not always achieve its goals, since not all buyers notice them. Only product packaging remains constant. Even on the wrong shelf or showcase, good packaging will attract the attention of the consumer and will convey to him the message laid down by the manufacturer. That is why it should contain all the necessary information about the product. When creating a package, first of all it is necessary to determine which message is to be conveyed to the consumer.

It is believed that the packaging should "stop the buyer" and facilitate the completion of the transaction. These are its most important, basic functions. However, when we look at it in detail, it turns out that packaging copes effectively with other tasks. So, it can help not only to preserve the old customers, but also to attract new ones. In addition, the food packaging is able to report a new brand position.

01.03.2019Food packaging and disposable tableware with print

Food packaging and disposable tableware with print

Food packaging printing - is the application of the logo, contact information, any information about the customer on the material in which the food or meal is packaged. Thus, the food service packaging becomes not just a disposable container for transporting and storing food products, but also an advertising carrier, a channel of communication with the consumer audience.

Abundance in today's supermarkets and markets can confuse any consumer. Branding packaging helps to attract his attention.

Differ from competitors

Traditional advertising is quite expensive. The most affordable way to attract the attention of your customer is to contact him using the packaging, more precisely, using the image on it. On the littered store shelves, people should choose packages with your logo, with the name of your brand.

Faceless packaging is standard and uninteresting, and your brand is unique.

Do not forget to use it.

If your product is already known on the market, then the branding of the packaging is your recognition. The choice of consumers is influenced not only by the price and quality of products, but also the name of the manufacturer. If your name is already known, keep it constantly visible. We are talking not only about the packaging of your products, but also about branding various souvenirs, packages in supermarkets, etc.

You should be in sight, regularly come across to the buyer. This will necessarily work to strengthen the brand awareness and will surely give results in the near future.

Benefits of packaging branding

Branding products with packaging has many marketing advantages.

Packaging is the only type of advertising communication that the customer perceives positively.

What the product is packaged in is not regarded as an advertising medium, therefore it causes more confidence.

Packaging is considered the most effective advertising channel in terms of the number of contacts for cash investments. If we compare it with direct advertising and promotion, then incommensurably smaller monetary investments in the design of branded packaging will in themselves enable an increase in sales of goods.

Branded packaging in the minds of the buyer creates a clear connection of the goods with the image of a particular brand. This is affected by all elements of corporate identity - the logo, color and font design of the design, additional symbols and signs, etc.

A successful and competent combination of corporate identity elements in the package contributes to the brand loyalty of the brand.

So, branding a product using proprietary packaging is a powerful means of promoting a product on the market. Competent design will highlight it from a huge range of similar products, make it recognizable and memorable, it will firmly connect with your brand. As a result, it will provide the basis for wider consumption of products.

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